Video Editing & Digital Restoration

Hi, I'm Dave.  I'm a storyteller.

I use video, audio, music, motion graphics and more to help you tell your story. 

Whether you're a business, a non-profit, or just a great person with something to say, let me craft your raw video into a focused message. 

And if you have old tapes, records, or audio cassettes, I'll digitize them, to preserve your memories and help you share them with family and friends.





You have the raw video.  Could be from interviews, or a conference, or a party or life event or family reunion.  I'll take your video, make it beautiful to see and wonderful to hear, then turn it into something amazing.

Do you want a mixed media slide show or a long-form documentary?  A web series?  A sizzle reel?  I'll create motion graphics, music, captions, all to bring your stories to life.

Let's make memories together.


I'll take your old records, cassettes, and videotapes and turn them into computer files.

​​Tape can stretch, warp, and disintegrate over time. 

You ship them.  I'll save them.  Simple as that.

Save and share your memories before it's too late.


You have a message, a cause, a business, something that everyone should know about.

​​BUT you need a script, locations, casting, stock footage, rights management...a whole mess of things. 


I'll do it ALL for you.  And then...I'll edit, master, and deliver your film.

I'll help you with everything.




  • Over 10 years as video editor and producer

  • M.A. Film & Digital Video, American University, DC, 2002

  • Passionate about crafting your story that's focused on your audience

  • Responsible footage researcher adept in securing licensing usage rights for images and footage.

  • Quick to train on new or proprietary hardware and software, including content management and website backend systems.

  • Relies on extensive experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals, evaluate business systems, and qualify and user needs.

  • Editing software includes Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid

  • Taught students and laymen video editing, filmmaking, and MacOS

  • Researched and helped create budget for $180,000 device testing lab for Verizon Business

  • Monitored pre-production, production schedules, and budgets for over 100 hours of programming on Discovery, Science, and Military Channels

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